15 Elves in the Christmas Bakery

Yesterday, my BF and I were invited by another gay couple for their traditional "Zimtstern backen" (baking of traditional swabian star-shaped cinnamon christmas cookies). Some other straight couples and friends where there as well, and we were baking different christmas cookies together.

Another "task force" was decorating the living room, and another team was doing some magic in the kitchen downstairs and fixed a dinner for all of us. And after dinner we sat together in the beautiful living room and ate our cookies and drank self-made egg liquor (we had to get rid of all the spare yolks) while the first snowflakes this winter were silently falling down outside, in the very cold night. When we went home, the hosts gave every couple a delicious traditional sweet yeast loaf with fruits and almonds.

I'm in such a christmas spirit now. That was just a perfect afternoon / evening / night.


That's a lovely tradition.

Those look absolutely decadent!