Juli 2006

Silent Night, Holy Night!

This week I've been singing Silent Night, Holy Night--loud, clear and repeatedly. No, I haven't gone crazy. We recorded it for the christmas episode of our radio comedy Beauty Palais. It feels so strange, sitting in a studio in summer, no AC (of course not, it's Germany), and about 100°F outside, and inside (of course). Anyway, it was fun--strange but fun.

AC, AC! My Kingdom for AC!

It's so hot in Germany these days. And unfortunately air condition is very uncommon in Germany. Well, we ratified the Kyoto Protocoll, we take care for the environment, we don't waste energy for AC.
On one hand this is good. But it's soooo hot in my room, I would sell my soul for a nice AC right now.

18 till I die

This was the worst night ever. Yesterday I still was a young, spontaneous, handsome, fresh, happy, gay boy. Today I'm an old man with fake teeth, gray hair and a wrinkled face ...

To be honest, I don't feel any difference to 29. Not even to 21, which maybe was my best time. Brian Adams is going to be 18 for the rest of his life, I think I'm gonna be 21 till I die. People are always thinking I were younger anyway. The number doesn't really count, it's how one feels and looks ...

I've finally entered into the 21st Century

Sorry for not posting much lately. But there's not much happening here either.

Well, one thing is new, they've switched our terrestric television signal from analog to digital. For my area that also means that I can receive 11 Channels now, instead of 3. But the "new" channels aren't the most entertaining ones, the only change for me is I need to check 11 channels to find out that there's nothing on instead of three. It feels like I finally entered into the 21st century. Just kidding ...

The really cool stations don't participate in DVB-T in my state, because most people either have satellite reception or cable TV. I can't have neither of them. On my side of the building there's no satellite signal, and cable doesn't go up to my floor. If I want cable TV, I have to pay to get the cable up here. Which I don't want to. I suppose I'm the only one who's using an old-fashioned antenna to receive TV signals. So, watching TV is still not on my daily schedule. But it's ok. I've never watched much TV, even back home when we had satellite TV and many, many channels.

And the radio comedy my friend Thomas and I are recording right now seems to become a success. Actually it was planned to play the comedy in our regular radio show only, but eleven other radio stations in every part of Germany have already said that they would broadcast our comedy, and two stations even want to broadcast our regular two-hour show. This feels really good.

Good things are coming up

I'm gonna talk to Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen agreed to record an interview for our radio show. So we're gonna meet her at the end of July. She's the biggest star I've ever been interviewing.

Maybe The Weather Girls were bigger. No pun intended. I enjoyed talking to them very much, they were very kind and funny. But I didn't interview them, it was just a casual talk for about 10 Minutes. They sat in their car behind the stage after a concert in Stuttgart for gay pride in 1998, they were alone and I walked to the car and just talked to them. Suddenly some security guys came to chase me away, but the girls said it's ok and I was allowed to keep talking to them. And they at least pretended that they enjoyed the conversation as well.

Ok, so I'm gonna meet Nina Hagen this month. That'll be a tough interview. I guess she's not easy. I've only seen her on TV so far. And they're all saying that she's not easy to handle. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. She won't eat me, will she?
The picture has been taken by Tomasz Sienicki, it's under CC Some Rights Reserved Lizence.

Beauty Palais

My friend Thomas (we're doing the radio show together) and I sat in a pub one evening and we suddenly had the crazy idea to create a gay radio comedy. So after some meetings we finally have written 14 episodes together. They're about two fags who opened up a beauty parlor. And there are also some regular customers who are stopping by in every episode. We think it's very funny. We had a lot of fun writing the episodes, and we've already casted the rest of the speakers. A composer already wrote an intro especially for us, and we're gonna shoot some pictures soon in an actual beauty parlor for the homepage. Thomas is thinking about selling it on CD after we've aired it, and he hopes people are buying the CD. I would be glad if he's right, but I can't imagine that people would spend money for something I did. Well, he's a producer and he has done many movies before, so I suppose he knows a little bit about what he's talking, and I hope he's right. Thomas and I already took the first recordings in one of the radio studios at our station last Sunday, and we had so much fun speaking our roles. Of course each of us has a fake and very gay accent. I think it will be great and funny. We'll record the rest with all the other speakers in the next weeks. At least creating it is fun. I hope our listeners will also enjoy it when it's aired. Unfortunately it's German, otherwise I would be pleased to show you the results.

Happy Independence Day!

I wish all my American friends and readers a happy Independence Day. I so envy you...

But I'm going to have a nice 4th of July with my remaining German and American friends here in Germany as well. We're gonna have BBQ together (of course), and I'm sure we'll have a blast.

It's funny, I've never celebrated on the German National Day ("Tag der Deutschen Einheit", 3rd of October), but Independence Day is always an important day for me.
Oh, wait, that's not completely true. When I was younger the German National Day was on 17th of June, and I remember we had BBQ each year with many friends of my parents who also had kids in my age. And we played at a creek nearby. That was fun.

But when the Federal Republic of Germany absorbed the German Democratic Republik in 1989 they changed it to a date where it's actually too cold to have BBQ. So there is not really a traditional thing to do on 3rd of October.

Oh, that's not true either. In the last couple years I spent that day the same way: learning for exams with a friend while others had a day off.

Type A-Personality

I took another one of those tests. You know, these "high-quality" tests created by "experts" which reveal your "real" personality. Well, at least it's fun ...

You Have A Type A- Personality

You are one of the most balanced people around.
Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want.
You rule at success, but success doesn't rule you.

When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back.
Whether it's hanging out with friends or doing something you love!
You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds.

Hmm, I don't feel like that right now. But maybe it's true. I would have agreed to this statement 6 months ago. Maybe this knowledge can help me to get back on track...