I've finally entered into the 21st Century

Sorry for not posting much lately. But there's not much happening here either.

Well, one thing is new, they've switched our terrestric television signal from analog to digital. For my area that also means that I can receive 11 Channels now, instead of 3. But the "new" channels aren't the most entertaining ones, the only change for me is I need to check 11 channels to find out that there's nothing on instead of three. It feels like I finally entered into the 21st century. Just kidding ...

The really cool stations don't participate in DVB-T in my state, because most people either have satellite reception or cable TV. I can't have neither of them. On my side of the building there's no satellite signal, and cable doesn't go up to my floor. If I want cable TV, I have to pay to get the cable up here. Which I don't want to. I suppose I'm the only one who's using an old-fashioned antenna to receive TV signals. So, watching TV is still not on my daily schedule. But it's ok. I've never watched much TV, even back home when we had satellite TV and many, many channels.

And the radio comedy my friend Thomas and I are recording right now seems to become a success. Actually it was planned to play the comedy in our regular radio show only, but eleven other radio stations in every part of Germany have already said that they would broadcast our comedy, and two stations even want to broadcast our regular two-hour show. This feels really good.