Juli 2009

Anthem of Wuerttemberg

When you compare ancient anthems of different states, you'll see that about 99% of them praise the landscape, the prosperity, the victories, etc. But they're usually not about the state's habitants, nor about the advanteges of other states. Well, our anthem is different ...

Der Reichste Fürst

1. Preisend mit viel schönen Reden
Ihrer Länder Wert und Zahl,
Saßen viele deutsche Fürsten,
Einst zu Worms im Kaisersaal.

2. Herrlich, sprach der Fürst von Sachsen,
Ist mein Land und seine Macht,
Silber hegen seine Berge
Wohl in manchem tiefen Schacht.

3. Seht mein Land in üpp'ger Fülle,
Sprach der Kurfürst von dem Rhein,
Goldne Saaten in den Talern,
Auf den Bergen edler Wein!

4. Große Städte, reiche Kloster,
Ludwig, Herr zu Bayern, sprach,
Schaffen, daß mein Land den Euern
Wohl nicht steht an Schätzen nach.

5. Eberhard, der mit dem Barte,
Württembergs geliebter Herr,
Sprach: Mein Land hat kleine Städte,
Trägt nicht Berge silberschwer;

6. Doch ein Kleinod hält's verborgen:
Dass in Wäldern noch so groß
Ich mein Haupt kann kühnlich legen
Jedem Untertan in Schoss.

7. Und es rief der Herr von Sachsen,
Der von Bayern, der vom Rhein:
Graf im Bart! Ihr seid der reichste,
Euer Land trägt Edelstein!
The richest Prince

1. Praising with many beautyful words
The worth and number of their lands,
Many German princes sat,
Once in the emperor's hall in Worms.

2. Wonderful, said the prince of Saxony,
Is my land and its might,
Our mountains bear silver
In many deep mines.

3. See my land and its luxuriant wealth,
Said the prince elector of the Rhine,
Golden corn in the valleys,
On the mountains noble wine!

4. Big cities, rich monesteries,
Ludwig, prince of Bavaria said,
Make that my land
Has not less treasures than yours.

5. Eberhard, the one with the beard,
Württemberg's beloved ruler,
Said: My land has small towns,
Does not bear mountains heavy of silver;

6. But a treasure it keeps hidden,
that in forests yet so big,
I my head can boldly lay
into ev'ry subjects lap

7. And there said the prince of Saxony,
The one of Bavaria, the one of the Rhine:
Count in the Beard! You are the richest,
Your land carries precious stone!

Graf Eberhard im Barte (Count Eberhard with the beard), Württembergs beloved ruler boldy resting in a subject's lap

Solution found: nvidia 180 dkms build failed

I couldn't switch to 2.6.28-13-generic Kernel on jaunty because the nvidia graphics driver kernel modules couldn't be compiled by dkms:

Examining /etc/kernel/postinst.d.
run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms
* Running DKMS auto installation service for kernel 2.6.28-13-generic
*  nvidia (180.44)...nvidia (180.44): Installing module.
.....(bad exit status: 6)
Build failed.  Installation skipped.

Today I finally had time to inspect the problem, and found out the reason, and a very simple fix as well. This happened because "patch" wasn't installed.

So, typing those two commands fixed all problems:

sudo apt-get install patch
sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.28-13-generic

In case anyone is stuck in the same place, try it out and let me know if it worked ...