Good things are coming up

I'm gonna talk to Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen agreed to record an interview for our radio show. So we're gonna meet her at the end of July. She's the biggest star I've ever been interviewing.

Maybe The Weather Girls were bigger. No pun intended. I enjoyed talking to them very much, they were very kind and funny. But I didn't interview them, it was just a casual talk for about 10 Minutes. They sat in their car behind the stage after a concert in Stuttgart for gay pride in 1998, they were alone and I walked to the car and just talked to them. Suddenly some security guys came to chase me away, but the girls said it's ok and I was allowed to keep talking to them. And they at least pretended that they enjoyed the conversation as well.

Ok, so I'm gonna meet Nina Hagen this month. That'll be a tough interview. I guess she's not easy. I've only seen her on TV so far. And they're all saying that she's not easy to handle. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. She won't eat me, will she?
The picture has been taken by Tomasz Sienicki, it's under CC Some Rights Reserved Lizence.

Beauty Palais

My friend Thomas (we're doing the radio show together) and I sat in a pub one evening and we suddenly had the crazy idea to create a gay radio comedy. So after some meetings we finally have written 14 episodes together. They're about two fags who opened up a beauty parlor. And there are also some regular customers who are stopping by in every episode. We think it's very funny. We had a lot of fun writing the episodes, and we've already casted the rest of the speakers. A composer already wrote an intro especially for us, and we're gonna shoot some pictures soon in an actual beauty parlor for the homepage. Thomas is thinking about selling it on CD after we've aired it, and he hopes people are buying the CD. I would be glad if he's right, but I can't imagine that people would spend money for something I did. Well, he's a producer and he has done many movies before, so I suppose he knows a little bit about what he's talking, and I hope he's right. Thomas and I already took the first recordings in one of the radio studios at our station last Sunday, and we had so much fun speaking our roles. Of course each of us has a fake and very gay accent. I think it will be great and funny. We'll record the rest with all the other speakers in the next weeks. At least creating it is fun. I hope our listeners will also enjoy it when it's aired. Unfortunately it's German, otherwise I would be pleased to show you the results.


Rian... what is the pretty girl doing to that microphone?


You never have to apologize for expressing how you feel.I adore Nina by the way.

Don't apologize for your's probably better tp express your feelings than keep them bottled up. I tend to withdraw when I'm feeling down.

Hope everything is looking up for you! :0