Up, up and away

I'm already late, so here's just a short post. I'm gonna visit two friends from back home. One was the owner of the restaurant by the iron ore mine I used to work. She (Anja) and her best friend Susie were very important friends in those days. They were the first ones I came out to. They supported me and helped me to become more self-confident.
They were the first ones who made me dance in a club, and we laughed so much together. Uhm, they didn't laugh about me dancing. We laughed at other stuff. Although me dancing must be quite funny.

I'm really looking forward to meeting them again, after about 7 years we haven't met. We already had so much fun on the phone when we set up this date.

Ok, now I have to run to catch the train. Have a nice weekend!


Enjoy your visit!

Hope you have a good weekend also.

Thanks! We had a blast! I hope you're all having a great weekend either.