Another Status Update

I just came back from my daily walk in the morning. Today I took a longer route on top of the mountain, and it was so nice up there. Nice view of the city. Everything looks so peaceful up there. It's just great. And I'm finally used to have a big walk up that hill every morning, so actually it's fun now. Maybe I carry my camera with me tomorrow and take a few pictures from up there. Or maybe on a sunny day--it's supposed to rain during the next days.

Last Sunday was great, after my mountain hike in the morning and a nice shower the main characters of our radio comedy met at a hairdresser's shop, they opened just for us. Then a photographer took pictures for the CD cover and our homepage. It was the first time the complete cast was together at the same time in the same room. And everything went so well. It was just great. In the story I have a dog, so we also rented a dog for the pictures. He was such a cute little dog ...

We had a make-up guy, who did a great job with my eye-rings. After just 30 minutes of hard work in my face they were gone. Well, they came back after I took a shower, but I think they're slowly vanishing since I eat very healthy and walk every day. I think it's already better.

After all pictures were done we all had lunch together and after that we recorded the last few scenes. When the last scene was recorded, we all became sad that it's already over. It was so much fun for everybody. During the day it didn't feel like work, it felt like a family meeting. We decided to have a late dinner together, and we're also going to create a second season, because it was so much fun.

After all scenes were recorded I mixed them with sound effects, background noise and added the sound of the dog etc. And now all 14 episodes of season 1 are finished. Feels good.


It didn't even occur to me until last weekend how much exersion walking really is. If you can keep it up I'm sure you'll be all the better for it. I know you can do it Ri :)