Arriving in the 21st century

While I was an early early-adaptor of internet access, and I'm using it regularly since 1994 (nobody knew the internet existed back then, not even our computer teacher had an idea of what the internet was), my mom didn't have access at home. When I was visiting her I either had to drive to her office in the neighboring village, or use (a quite expensive dial-up connction on) my cell phone and my PDA to check my emails.

But last Friday she has finally been assimilated, and now she has a very fast connection that came with a wireless router, a movie on demand flat fee subscription, free national landline and cell phone calls and what-have-you. Now being here doesn't neccessarily mean being cut off from the rest of the world technically.

On Friday my mom didn't even use her new internet, and I was wondering if she will use it at all. But yesterday she was catching up. I mean, I browse a lot, and I can spend much time online, but my Mom... I thought we need a knife to seperate her from her notebook in the night.

Anyway, I'm glad my Mom enjoys it, and I hope she won't be taken in. We all know that the internet has a dark side and that you can meet very weird people. An avid user might realize when something is wrong, but a newbie probably not...


Resistance is futile.

My mother got really into the internet once. She went out and bought a laptop and got DSL and got an email account, and was looking at it avidly. Then, I guess she just got bored with it. Now when I visit her laptop is just covered in a pile of stuff and I have to dig it out to use it. And it is still connected to the DSL. She is paying for it and not using it. Go figure.