Blogoholics Anonymous

I'm afraid I need to join BA (Blogoholics Anonymous). I'm spending so much time on reading other people's blogs, on writing posts, on listening to podcasts. Seems like a serious problem to me. Is there a BA group in my city? Is there a BA group anywhere?

It's gonna be like this:

Me: Hi, my name is Rian, and I'm addicted to blogs.
Group: Hi Rian.
Supervisor: Well, Rian, why don't you tell us a little bit about your life?
Me: Oh, you can read everything about my life on my blog...
Group: Yikes!
Supervisor: Rian, you're not supposed to talk about the "bad thing" in here.
Me: Which "bad thing"? You mean my blog???
Group: Ouch! Yuck!
Supervisor: Yes, Rian, we don't want to hear the B-word in here. So, why are you here?
Me: Well, I realized that I was spending too much time with reading B... uhm ... B... I mean ... the B-Thingy...
Supervisor: You mean the Bible, right?
Me: No, I was talking about Blogs...
Group: Ewww!
Me: Sorry, I did it again.
Supervisor: You know what this means, Rian. You have to stand in the corner and think about your uncondonable behaviour. And you're gonna stand there for the entire Sunday.
Me: No! It's "What city sunday" over at Ryan and Mike's.
Group: Jesus!
Supervisor: Ok, we just add another day.
Me: Just for mentioning a Blog???
Group: Holy crap! (some of them are closing their eyes and holding their ears while humming a little tune)
Supervisor: Ok, until Tuesday.
Me: So, no Comment Game at Larry's for me this week. That's a pity.
Group: Damn! Keep your temper!
Supervisor: ... until Wednesday.
Man #1: We're gonna meet up on hump day? Who's gonna publish my hump day post?
Supervisor: Do you wanna end up like Rian. Look at him, he's still into the B-word. Disgusting!
Man #1: You can kiss my mike ... uhm ... ass!
Me: Seriously, don't get entangled too much.
Supervisor: Argh! Both of you will stand in the corner until Half Nekkid Thursday.
Me: Did you just say Half Nekkid Thursday???
Supervisor: No, you did! I don't know anything about HNT, and I don't read Brad's Blog either.
Me: I do!
Group: Bloody hell!


haha... that is very funny.. I laughed a lot. :) Good on you, mate! I think the virus catched me as well...

what a cool post i love it!

Very funny...I'll have to join that group too, I'm afraid! :)

Tho' I'm addicted to the internet in general as well!

hahaha! very clever! and God did I need a laugh today!

i think i'm also suffering from the same addiction. my analyst told me to tie my hands with a rope the next time i have the urging to turn the PC on. hmmm. rope? i wonder what else i can do with that?