Brain Dump 1.0

There are quite a few things I just want to get out of my brain. Well, things I want to express without writing a big post. Just tiny bits. So here's my first brain dump.

  • Grandpa's surgery was ok. He woke up again and is getting better.
  • I actually talked to Timo on the phone yesterday. First time in many months. And it was kind of nice. And we didn't yell at each other. Big step forward.
  • My radio station finally set up a web stream. So our show will conquer the whole world. At least those who speak German. To be honest, now everybody can hear how dorky I sound on our show. Whatever.
  • I spent about $100 at an online shop buying a load of Altoids Cinnamon Strips. By the way, Altoids' Homepage is awesome. And very entertaining. Good work. (Well, unfortunately I don't get paid for this announcement)
  • Days until I see the first batch of my friends from NYC: 27
  • This subway thing is bugging me again. And once again they added another fee. Now I'm just gonna pay. I know I'm not guilty but I think they just do this because I'm an alien. Short version: They don't respond to my mails and then issue me a fine for my failure to respond. They said they've sent me some forms to fill out, but I never got them. Funnily enough, the tickets do arrive anyways.