Bye bye, Timo. Bye bye ...

I was talking about my former best friend Timo on my blog before. We got along so well. He was such a great buddy. Timo and I did many things together. And we talked on the phone for hours every day.

But sometimes you (i.e. me, but also him) don't appreciate things enough. Things like friendship. And sometimes two people just move on, leaving their friendship behind. I have, like, no contact with Timo anymore. We meet each other once a month but we don't really talk to each other anymore.

On one hand I'm really sad that this happened, and I'm missing an important friend. On the other hand I'm thinking it's supposed to be like that. Maybe we've just changend and we don't have anything in common anymore. But there still was a spark of hope we can fix our issues and it's gonna be like before.

Today I've got an email from him. It wasn't even a mail for me. It was a mail to all the people he knows. He's gonna move to another town in another state in May. I guess that's it.

I mean, I knew it before. Some other friends told me about his plans. Yet again, the fact I knew it because other people told me is another indicator for us not being friends anymore.

Worst thing: I'm not sure how I'm really feeling about that yet. I mean, of course I'm gonna miss him. But I'm already missing him for about 9 months. It won't change much. I'm not gonna miss him, I already got over it. Did I? I don't know. Him moving away bothers me more than I thought it would. And maybe even more than it should.

Although he doesn't know about my blog: Timo, I wish you good luck for your start in a new city. I regret we're not close friends anymore, I had a great time with you. I hope we stay in touch, or better, I hope we're getting in touch again soon. May your new life always be prosperous, your career successful, and your relationship perfectly happy.


sorry i so know how u feel. friends grow apart when we grow up but it still hurts.