Can't survive without it ...

Well, this might be the most useless blog in the whole wide world and its web. Anyway, it's going to be my blog. I'm gonna be a publisher. Yeah!

Actually, it's my second attempt to blog--I was too lazy last time. I hope I won't give up this try.

For your convenience I've added my old blog entries to this blog. They're German.

The new entries might be a mix of either one--German and English. As you can see easily, English isn't my native language. I know my English sucks. This is also a toy for me to improve my language skills. Be aware! I don't want to be liable if your eyes pop out because they can't stand it any longer. Tell them they're still lucky! Your ears would also have to catch my bad German accent.

Anyway, since I want to move to the USA soon (and since I have nice friends there), I want them to be able to participate in all exciting moments in my hilarious life. And I know, the German folks can read English as well.

I'm gonna write about rather boring things like my life or how university sucks. And I guess I might mention my friends every now and then--or what friendship means to me.

I keep this one short. I might need the space here for more boring stuff to come.