Here's another one about German customs. Today: Carnival. Every year on November 11th, 11.11am, a very annoying time starts and lasts till mid of February. Sigh!

Fortunately it's not a big deal in my state, but in many cities there are big parades, people dress up, and no matter which channel you switch on, the f*ing parades are everywhere.

I don't want to be a party-pooper, but I just don't get why people just freak out for no reason, and why such sh*t needs to go on for almost 4 months...


A carnival that goes on for FOUR MONTHS? Egads! That is some carnival! Why does it start at 11:11 AM?

oh man, THANK YOU. someone who feels my pain :)

I think some people need something to celebrate--no matter what it is.

Adonde estás tu, hombre, que no sabemos nada de ti? Que passa?