Consultation -- Kind of

Do you know this? Something's happening, and you know this would make a good posting, but you can't find any time to put it up, and suddenly it's forgotten?

Well, for one year now, I wanted to blog about this:

TheGuy and I had spent a beautiful afternoon at the bank of Manhattan. (Not the thing with the green papers, the one near the Hudson, I guess it's also called river park). When we were back at his building (but he has moved a few weeks ago, so by the time I'm writing this, it's his former building) and walked to the elevator, a small old woman with huge luggage was talking to the doorman. She was coming back from a trip. It was a warm and sunny day, and TheGuy was bare-chested, showing off his abs and pecs. When the elevator came, the old Lady joined us in the elevator, and they were joking. I realized they know each other. No wonder, he told me she's his next door neighbor.

But somehow she was very familiar to me as well, but I didn't understand why. She was making jokes about TheGuy's bare chest, that this would be too sexy, and that I'm lucky for having this handsome guy. Not exactly what I had expected from an old Lady. I thought old ladies are prude. TheGuy told her I'm from Germany, and then she perfectly spoke German to me. We helped her carry her luggage to her apartment and talked for a little while.

Back at TheGuy's apartment, he asked, "Do you know her?". I said, "Not really, but she is very nice and amazing, and in a weird way she was familiar to me". He said, "Well, she's quite famous. She's Dr. Ruth."

I'm very proud and pleased I met this remarkable and wonderful woman, and had the chance to visit her at home and have a little chat with her.


Holy crap! That's amazing! I have no idea what I'd feel if I met her. I think I'd try to hide. She's probably very perceptive and would find all my insecurities in an instant.

That is a WONDERFUL story... I just found your blog and shall continue reading it. I look forward to more posts soon. Please feel free to rad mine as well... ahh, reciprocity.

That is so cool. Dr. Ruth is a hoot. If she were my neighbor, I'd never move!