Shitty Jobs

Have you ever been wondering how the vending machines work? Finally, here's the answer:

The sign says: "Life's too short for a shoddy job."

It's a campaign of a German placement service.

I like those pictures. Aren't they hilarious?!


That's pretty funny, and when you think about it, a job like that would so, completely suck.

ha ha. That's really cool. Great idea.

I love those!!! Especially the last one.


ROFL! Very cool marketing idea.

That last one makes me nervous. Hehe.

Very funny. I should get one of those jobs!

I love the pictures of the snow. I hope it isnt too cold. 'Ich liebe schnee'

Kev in NZ

very funny! miss u around are blog hope everything is ok!

They are quite funny. I kind of wish the coffee one was true. It would be nice to have a vending machine with fresh, hot coffee and personal service!