Gimme 5 times 5

Today's questions on Gimme5:

1. Tell us 5 things you’ve done this morning.
I just got up, so nothing special happened so far, but ok ...

  1. I did number one.
  2. I did number two.
  3. I did a phone call.
  4. I was reading some blogs.
  5. I checked my email.

2. Tell us 5 things you’re going to do today.

  1. I'm gonna present a prototype to a customer in the evening.
  2. I have to study for my exams.
  3. I need to return some goods to the store.
  4. I need to go to the bank.
  5. I have to run some errands.

3. Tell us 5 things you couldn’t live without.

  1. good friends
  2. music
  3. strawberry and raspberry cake
  4. phones
  5. good cheese

4. Tell us 5 things you would like to live without.

  1. wasps
  2. friends who are false
  3. smoke (in restaurants, pubs and clubs)
  4. tickets
  5. disappointment

5. Tell us 5 things you would like to achieve.

  1. my university degree
  2. an appartment in Brooklyn Heights
  3. a job in New York
  4. a relationship
  5. maybe a PhD


awesome list i should do this!

So the big question is did you call the Italian guy at the airport WHILE you were doing number 1 and number 2? LOL