Grandpa knows

Today I've been visiting Grandpa at the hospital. He was the last one who didn't know about my "secret", which was ridiculous since I'm very out, I host a gay radio show and write a lot for a German gay newspaper.

Grandpa said he's feeling better, but I could see he's in pain. He had surgery last Tuesday. When my Mom went out of the room to talk to a doc, I had a conversation with Grandpa.

Grandpa: So, is he American or German?
Me: ???
Grandpa: Your boyfriend ... Is he American or German? Is he the reason you're going to America that often?
Me: Uhm ... Uh ... I ...
Grandpa: As long as he's not Bavarian it's ok *laughs*

My Grandparents are very important to me. Grandpa's not feeling very well and I'm afraid he'll die in a few months, which makes me really sad. But I'm so relieved he's got to know the real me and he's ok with it.

My family is sooo cool. I just love them all!


Your Grandpa sounds really cool.

tell gramps hi 4 me.

Yeah, Mike, he is cool!
Ryan, since you're not Bavarian either, I guess I can do that. :)

That is awesome bud. By and large those that love us keep right on loving us even when they "find out" how we really feel. Sounds like Grandpa has a sense of humor too LOL.