HDR of Stuttgart Old Castle

I've been playing around with taking HDR images for a while now. Time to share something here. I took it today at the Old Castle in Stuttgart. I like the effect that it doesn't really look like a picture, but rather like a paintbrush art or whatever ...

HDR of Old Castle in Stuttgart


That's exactly what it looks like...a painting of some kind. Really neat effect. Was it difficult to create? From what the link says, it's software that creates the image, not a specific camera feature. Is that correct?

It's very easy to create it, once you know how it works. All you need are (at least) three identical pictures (one under-exposed, one correctly exposed, and one over-exposed). Or if your camera can save images in the RAW format, just one picture is enough. That's what I did, because with people in the picture they would be moving between the three shots and wouldn't be identical on each picture.

Then all I did was loading the picture in the software (qtpfsgui), changed some sliders, and voila...

Many HDR Images you can find on the internet also play with saturation, which makes the painting effect even stronger. I've also done that with this picture. See here

I might write another post about how one can create it in more detail.