I'm here and I'm queer. Get used to it.

Well, each Blog needs its own hate comment writer. I finally found mine. I was really concerned because I didn't have one. It's like, "Hello, don't I deserve some harassment as well?!" Then, this Sunday, a Rian from Australia finally delivered.

Hi, I am Rian.

Please cease and desist from your flamboyant lifestyle, or failing that, change your name so as not to elicit confusion.

There are plenty of great names that would suit an individual of your sexual preference, "julian", "bruce" or "lance" These names would allow for your posting of what some would consider lewd material without the associated defamation incurred by all Rians.

Kind Regards.
Rian - of the Australian Chapter of Rians.

Oh Honey, I can't believe you call my lifestyle flamboyant. Nobody ever said this to me until yesterday. But I'm really delighted you think so. It makes me feel so special and twinkling. I'm already thinking about putting it on my business card.

And ... uhm ... changing my name ... great idea. However, I won't do it, Darling. So, could you please change yours. Your bigotry is a shame and besmirches my name.


He needs to be a lover not a hater!

But that is funny! I also like his names he suggest for you to use...are those more queerer, perhaps?

I hope you are okay. Your previous post had me concerned. I was going to e-mail you and tell you that I cared but then I realized what you were saying so I didn't e-mail. Anyway, I do care and hope you are okay.

Is "queerer" a word? I guess it should just be "more queer." ?? I hope you understand what I am saying!

You should tell that guy to take up a collection and when he gets one million dollars, send it to you and you will change your name! hahaha

welcome to my world only the good blogs get haters.

Ha! That's pretty damn funny. He's probably a closet case.