I believe I can fly ...

This evening I did a strange thing. Well, there are thousands who are doing it all the time. I'm sure my readers do it regularly, at least some of them. I suppose more than a million people in the world are doing it this very instant. But ... you know my "situation", and that I haven't done it in a long time.

But I'm still excited. It was so much fun. Now I understand why people literally get addicted to it. It was fabulous. But now my butt really hurts, but they told me it happens a lot when it's the first time. Well, it's not my first time, I did it avidly when I was younger, but I didn't do it in a long time. And now I'm wondering, why does something sooo lovely and enjoyably hurt so much afterwards. But they told me that you get used to it quite quickly. I hope they're right.

What?! I heard that!

Get your mind out of the gutter. I was talking about the cool new bike I've bought today. It was WAY more expensive than what I wanted to spend, but it's a fabulous bike and totally worth it. I wasn't riding a bike in almost 7 years, but I decided to start again, and it is sooo much fun. It's almost like flying.

A friend once said that he wanted to be buried with his bike. Now I understand what he meant. It's really great. I'm a little bit scared by the traffic, since I grew up in a small lovely village in paradise the mountains, and there was no traffic at all.


Your post is so funny. I hope your butt is feeling a lot less sore today. If you need me to rub some cream onto it to ease the pain just let me know ;p

Well done on getting Schwulst back up and running. I am so proud of you Rian. Before i came OUT free magazines in the gay community were my only way of finding gay friendly bars and establishments and helped me relate to the gay community. The community in your part of Germany i know must be proud of you and you are assisting many people.

Im going to click on your link to check it out.

By the way, the guy on the front cover is so hot. He looks so German. I love German guys!

Kev in NZ

O boy, I can understand you so much. I've been doing it regularly since spring (I also have a new one to ride on). And after some time you really can do it harder and longer. It's so great to reach the climax, wet and breathless!

BTW: Nice magazine, looks better than the one we made together.

LMAO You had me going!

I don't ride, but I do spin (indoor cycling), so I have felt your pain.