If you're ever feeling lonely ...

Last Tuesday (May 1st) there was a holiday in Germany, namely Labor Day. Yes guys, in Germany we have Labor Day on 1st of May. By the way, isn't it strange that "Labor Day" is free, while Friday (in German "Freitag", which literally means "free day") is a regular working day?

Anyway, I went on a hike with some friends. Hiking is the traditional activity on German Labor Day, unless you're a member of a labor union, then it's probably your duty to attend a demonstration or whatever.

We had a blast on our hike, and we had some stops for coffee and ice cream and BBQ and all that usual stuff. A lesbian couple also brought their cute dog "Trude". I have no idea what kind of breed Trude is, but I would say it's close to a chocolate colored Labrador Retriever. The dog has something with her eyes that will get worse in sunlight, so the vet made her wear sunglasses outside. You have no idea how cute a dog with sunglasses looks. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures that day.

Of course I wasn't the only one who thinks a dog with sunglasses looks very cute, so everybody we've seen that day said something about the dog. You might think, "there must be at least one person that didn't say something." No, you're wrong. Literally e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y felt an urge to say something. Hence here's my advice, if you ever feel lonely, buy sunglasses for your dog and go for a walk. There won't be another chance to meet more people than by doing this.


I laughed at your description of how many people commented on Trude.

Glad you had fun! Happy Labor Day! *hugs*