I hate Vista

I hate, hate, hate it. My old computer died two weeks ago, and I had to get a new one. Since you can't find one without Windows VistaTM installed, I'm the "proud" owner of a Vista Computer. Yeah!

I never was a big fan of Windows, I used to use Linux on my systems. But then I tried XP when it came out a looong time ago, and I really liked it. My old computer had XP running when I bought it, and it was very stable, it never crashed. I was so happy about XP that I switched from Linux to XP back then.

But now??? Vista is worse than crap. I haven't rebooted my old XP in five years as often as I did with Vista in two weeks. It often freezes during start-up. I often need to reboot after "highly sophisticated tasks" like launching Excel, or sometimes even minimizing just one window.

How dare you, Microsoft, to ship such crap? I'm a Software Engineer myself. If I sold a program as unstable as Vista, my client would sue me, and as a justified punishment a deathsman would behead me on a public square behind the castle in front of a cheering audience. Only Microsoft can get away with that.

I'll switch back to Linux as soon as I have enough time for the installation. I'm sick and tired of Vista. There, I said it.


You aren't the only one.. I am still using XP thankfully.

I have not used Vista yet, but as with all of their software releases, they have to work the bugs through making it live and letting the users find the problems.


I know a couple of people that bought a computer pre-loaded with Vista... they hate it, too.

I believe my next computer will be an Apple. My sister-in-law has just recently purchased one and I love it.

I am still running on XP for the time being, thankfully!

well...once you go MAC - you never go back.

Get an Apple.


Thanks for the advice on Vista. I will avoid it like the plague.

I hope you are having a great week in Germany (Deutschland)

Kev in NZ

My partner had to do the same when his computer died and our biggest issue was that NONE of his periphreals were new enough...even thought we only purchased the web cam a 2 years ago and the printer was MAYBE 2-3 years old. Talk about a bunch of crap...and NONE of the companies that make these items are offering updates...they say, justbuy new stuff...yea right!

Should have bought a Mac :)

I hear Vista loaded computers make great aquariums.

hey.. first and foremost, came across your blog on the web, added you to my blogroll - hope you don't mind :)

That being said.. yeah, you are like the 10th person who I've heard having problems with vista.. one of my coworkers actually just paid someone to downgrade his computer from vista back to XP. I'm definitely going to try to find out if I can get my new computer with XP also... I wish I could afford a mac, but, alas way too much money for me right now!