In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the Rian sleeps tonight

I thought a human brain dreams at night to cope with all the things that happened during the day or that bothers us. And I thought that we're not supposed to remember the weird things that happen in our head while we were sleeping. That's why you don't remember most of your dreams. I thought you only remember your dream when you wake up before it is over.

This night I was enlighted. I got a bad cramp in my calf and woke up during a dream. The first thing I was thinking was "Ouch! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Damn cramp!". And then "Oh my! My dreams are so fucking boring." If I hadn't sleept during the dream, I'd have been falling to sleep that very instant.

Why can't I dream of exciting escapes, nice or funny stories? I was literally shocked about how boring and irrelevant my dreams are.


If you make it a point to think about WANTING to remember your dreams as you drift off and then immediately upon waking begin trying to recall what you dreamed... it will only take two or three days before you are able to start remembering LOTS of dreams you have. Thinking heavily on ideas for dreams as you are going to sleep eventually will begin to pay dividends also. And the more you conciously work these things the better the results become.

Eventually you even begin to have some CONTROL over your dreams as you are actually having them. That is some part of your concious recognizes you are dreaming and can manipulate events. It can be quite fun when you get to this point. It took me quite sometime to get to that level though!

This boring dream wasn't the first dream I remember. I remember quite some of them.

But I think I have multible dreams each night and I remember maybe 2 or 3 in a month. I thought I remember them because I woke up during the dream, maybe because they were too exciting. So there are many dreams I just forget--and I thought it's a pity. After this experience I'm very glad I don't remember those boring episodes.

But it's interesting what you're saying, I'm gonna try the things you mentioned. It would be cool if I can get some control about my dreams. And I'd also like to remember more of my dreams. Thanks for the hints, Brad.