Meet Thommy, the furry waesel

This is my Mom's tomcat, his name is Thommy. I know, he looks funny with his big ears and the skinny body. A friend of mine named him "Thommy, the weasel". This picture was taken last June. He has grown up since, and I swear, he looks like a regular cat now!
He's a nice and cute tomcat and likes to play a lot. I can't see him very often, only when I'm visiting my mom every three or four weeks. But I'm always looking forward to seeing him.
He's the weirdest cat: He doesn't like meat, fresh fish or canned cat food, and he doesn't like sausage either--although my mom's always trying to feed him that stuff in case he has changed his mind. He only eats dry cat food, and he's also into dairy products and very smelly cat treats. Yuck!