The one about language.

Some of my American blogging friends got comments about bad grammar or spelling lately. Usually I think it's really cheap if someone uses that to insult someone else. It's like you don't agree with something that had been said, but you're not bright enough to reply with real content. In Germany we say that the one who's complaining about your grammer has already lost the argument.

Anyway, I'm in a different situation. I'm obviously not a native speaker, I make many mistakes and I know my English sucks. I started blogging in 2003 in German, and then I just forgot to continue. When I started to blog again just 3 months ago, I decided to do it in English for one reason. Besides the reasons someone has to blog at all, I chose a foreign language to improve my language skills.

That also includes that I appreciate hints or corrections. If you realize that I misspell a word all the time, or that I make the same grammar mistake again and again, I would be very happy if you can give me a hint. Thanks!


oh honey there on me all the time but as long as u and my other blogger buddies understand me i say f the rest!

You are right, people who pick on someone's grammar, spelling or accent don't have anything intelligent to say and look for an easy target. Just ignore them,

For English to be your second language you do great.

Reiser-Weisbarth would be amazed by your skills :-)

Thanks for the compliments to all of you.
"cgi" ... Siggi? Is that you?!

Your grammer is fine dude! Hell even I have problems once in awhile (like you mention in your blog).

Just found your blog. Ill be reading some past entries. Soon. TTYL.

that actually makes me feel a little bad; I usually blast people for argueing with me when they have poor grammar or spelling mistakes. I guess I should be more open minded, but it is hard when people say "ur" instead of your or you're, you know? But I guess those aren't really mistakes, more shorthand, or whatever.

Maybe I'm not that mean after all! Keep up the great work, your English is awesome!

Duane, well, I have to add something. I'm correcting German articles for a newspaper before they're getting printed. And sometimes I'm rude to the authors too. If I think they're just lazy, then I pick on them for their mistakes.

And there's also another guy who makes many, many mistakes, but he tries hard to do his very best. I would never be mean to him, because he really tries.

So, if someone can't do it better, it would be cheap to pick on him. If someone's just lazy, I guess it's ok :)