The One About The Open Day

I remember the open days at school. My parents came, I showed them my projekts, and they were very proud of me. Not only because of my projects, but also the way I presented them and how I talked to all the people.

Yesterday there was an open day at my Mother's practice. She and her staff prepared a lot for the visitors. Each room was dedicated to a different topic, they had many models, figures and slides, they had a lottery for the kids, a huge buffet and many treats. They've invited many guests. I was responsible for one of the rooms myself, I showed many different computer aided listening comprehention tests to the visitors. It was a lot of fun, many guests came, many children, even the major showed up and talked to my Mom about how he appreciates her good work and how important my Mom's practice is for his town. You know, politicians talk a lot, but anyway, it's nice.

And after that day was over and we cleaned up the work of many weeks, I was really exhausted, but also very proud of my Mom, she did such a great job, and her staff as well, they've been working very hard for this day and it was great. I guess it's the same feeling my parents felt when they came to the open days at school. Funny, how things change ...


its awesome u had a good time. nothing better than being proud of your mom.