One Year Of Blogging

Jesus! I can't believe it's been already one year ago that I started this blog. Or should I say "re-started it". I was blogging in 2003 in German, but only made it to 25 posts. This entry is #250 by pure accident, so that's kind of a double feature celebration.

I was neither celebrating #100 nor any "magic" number before, so I've decided to throw a party today. Come in, put your jacket in my bedroom, and take a seat in the living room. Don't mind the mess, I didn't expect you to show up early. You could read the first post while I fix you a drink...

Uhm ... would you please stop yawning while reading the first post, I do know that it can't compete with William Shakespeare or Truman Capote. Anyway, olives or onions for your Martini? Uhm, the other guys will stop by in a few minutes ...


Happy blogbirthday. My jacket is in your bedroom and im now joining you in the lounge for drinks and party sausage rolls. It seems like im the first one here so i will hand out drinks as other bloggers arrive!

How come you write such good English if you are German. Im very very impressed.

Sending you a blogbirthday hug,
Kev in NZ

I will take a cosmo if you are offering, and no I don't know how to make it but I think it involves vodka and cranberry juice. Congratulations on one year! I had a year, deleted my blog and started over. So I am starting fresh. Hope I can keep it up!

Olives, I love lots of olives in my martini's, and make it dirty while you're at it.

Happy Blogoversary! Here's to year 2 and beyond...

Congratulations! Here's wishing you many more!

Happy Blogiversary!

I'd really love a good German beer, but I don't drink alcohol anymore. *sigh*

Got any good German non-alcoholic beers? :)