German is a difficult language

Dear Sat.1 (German TV station),

I understand that German is a difficult language. Unlike in English, words change depending on their context. For example, we inflect nouns into one of four cases: nominative, genitive, dative, and accusative; one of three genders: masculine, feminine, or neuter; and two numbers: singular and plural. So there are many different endings for words. But for a native speaker older than 6 or 7 it should be no problem at all.

Few days ago I saw this question for a raffle after one of your TV shows (Asterix):

Wem gehören diese Schilder?
a) Römer
b) Gallier

Not to mention that your questions are always very stupid, which freaks me out all the time. However, I won't rant about that today. But could you please, please, please at least use correct German. There are just three nouns, not a single one is correctly inflected. That's a big fat F.

Here's how it should read (in case nobody on your payroll is able to do it correctly):

Wem gehören diese Schilder?
a) Römern
b) Galliern


Looking for another editing job? ;)

Our media isn't any better. There are obvious mistakes all the time in news and online media.