To bike or not to bike, that's the question

July 18th, Wednesday night, about 3am, Paris.

We've spent two amazing days in Paris, eight more to come. We've been to the touristic places--of course--but we've also managed to see "the real Paris". It's actually easier when you visit somebody who lives here.

We've been walking almost all the time, we haven't used the public transportation so far. TheGuy is very athletic, as we all know, so no problem for him, and I was able to walk as much as he does. Big change compared to last year. Yeah!

Also, we both enjoy riding a bike, and in Paris you can rent bikes from a venting machine at almost every corner. We decided to get one (for each, of course), but we didn't succeed. We've been to at least 40 stations, but they're either not having bikes at that moment, or the bikes have a red light switched on (which means you can't rent it, or the station lost connection with the server, or there are only two bikes left, but rent by the straight couple that were faster than we, or the renting machine dies while you try to rent a bike, or it wouldn't accept your credit card (which works everywhere else). After many serious attempts we just gave up. You see hundreds of people riding those bikes, but it just won't work for us.


Hey, my dear Rian,
My office mate Corina in New Zealand told me about you and directed me to your blog!

I cannot describe in words that how happy I am for both of you! You guys made me jealous! Wish I could find a dream guy of mine too... I hope all the very best and enjoy your wonderful times together in Paris!

Kind regards,

Hey there my long lost friend, congrats on TheGuy, he sounds amazing! (Is that him walking next to you in the photo?)


Hi Shawn, thanks for coming to my blog. Say hello to Corina from me ;-)
... and I hope you'll find your dream guy soon.

Hey Jim, long time no read. I'm glad you stopped by again. No, that guy next to me on that picture isn't TheGuy, it's just a random Parisian. TheGuy is the one who's taking the picture.

Hey Rian
Looks like you have had a great time in Paris. Are we going to see a pic of TheGuy? You are looking great in your pic.

Paris is such a beautiful city. Im sure it is as beautiful as Stuttgart. Can you speak French by the way?

Kev in NZ