Wedding at New Year's Eve

Berliner Dom

There's something I wanted to tell you. My BF and I did something crazy at New Year's Eve. No, not what you were thinking. We went to Berlin for a few days, and we stayed in the district Wedding. We celebrated New Year's Eve at the biggest party in Europe: in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Brandenburger Tor

The Brandenburg Gate probably is for Germany like the Statue of Liberty for the USA. Around this Gate there were more than one Million celebrating New Year's Eve. That's about twice as much people than inhabitants of Washington DC.

Berlin Alexanderplatz

During the day we've been at the famous Alexanderplatz, and also were on top of the TV tower and enjoyed the view of the city.

Rotes Rathaus Berlin

This is the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall), where the major of Berlin works. By the way, he's gay and coined the now famous words "I'm gay and it's okay" (German: "Ich bin schwul und das ist gut so").

Before we went to the big party, we had some sleep in our hotel room. After that we put on all clothes we had, because it was very cold outside. We met a very nice straight couple in the crowed and celebrated together with them. They were very nice, it was a very pleasant start into the new year.

Gedächtniskirche Berlin

The picture above is in the Gedächtniskirche, which has been severly damaged during world war II. This is the only part that's still existing. It's also a famous landmark in Berlin.

These stones mark where the Berin Wall was before 1989. Right next to the wall there is the Reichstag, it's where our parliament does an awful awesome job.


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Hey Rian, sorry this is so late.

Your NYE celebration sounds fantastic! I'm very happy things are going so well for you.

And awesome photos, as usual. *hugs*