I'm just coming home from watching the musical "Rent" on Broadway. My friend got me good tickets and I had a very good time. Actually, I think I should have bought the CD as well.

I spent the rest of the day in Brooklyn Heights after I've been walking around in Downtown Manhattan and crossed the East River on Brooklyn Bridge. I know, I'm a tacky tourist. However, my friends lived in Brooklyn Heights for a while years ago, and I love this area since the first time I visited them in their beautiful apartment. It sounds weird, but Brooklyn Heights was so familiar from the first moment ... like I had been living there in a former life. So, being there again was very nice.

Yesterday the happy couple left town, and they are in Georgia now. The goodbye was quite interesting. They said goodbye to our friends where we stayed, but ignored me completely, although I was sitting at the table with my friends. I think that I've taken my magic to a higher level--I can become invisible.

During the last year I've developed a "walking reflex", and I spent most of my Sunday walking--up on Broadway, and down right next to the Hudson. It clears the mind. When I was down at Christopher I decided to have a drink at the Dugout, were I ran into Ted again (he seems to be everywhere). And I think I saw Addaboy and probably Joe.My.God, but l'm not really sure. I was too shy to ask ...


I'd be doing all the "tacky tourist" things, too. I enjoy all that.

I'd love to see Rent at the theatre. I loved the movie.

A walking reflex sounds pretty healthy to me. Better than a drinking reflex.

I would have said hi if I were in New York, but alas, I am not. This time until February. But sometime if you make a trip in the future I will try and coincide it with a bus visit!