She sells sea shells ...

This fall in New York so far is much warmer and nicer than summer in Germany this year. I spent the entire day at the beach in Coney Island. We really didn't have a summer in Germany this year, so I enjoyed the warm sun, and the beach, and the artificial Italian "home-made" ice cream. Where I live, there are no beaches. We have "beaches" in Germany, but it's far in the north, and even during a hot summer it is quite cold and rather unpleasant, and it's at the opposite side of Germany, my state itself has no beaches at all (and neither our neighbour states nor their neighbours have beaches). So for me it's exciting and beautiful. I love the smell of the sea, I love the sand, I love the water. And I rescued a stranded jelly fish--you can thank me later.

Yesterday I was at a street fair near Christopher Street. And I was ignored by almost every guy. So, I have to say, NYC feels more like home than ever.

I was already heading to the subway, when I suddenly heard someone calling my name. An old friend recognized me. He knew that I'm in town, because I left him a message if he wants to meet up, but yesterday he ran into me by pure accident. We decided to meet up tomorrow evening.


It's amazing you can meet someone randomly in NYC. I guess it's a small town in a big city.

Please don't let your divorce-versary get you down.

And thank you (for saving the jelly).

You are very handsome Rian, I can see why all those New Yorkers love you! How can you run into someone in New York? Forget that, I ran into a baltimore friend at a Broadway Show once. That was weird. I hope you are having fun. I love NYC too!