Spelling BBQ Bee

The last weeks were like programming at home from 7am to 9am for a customer of mine, programming at work from 9.15am to 7pm, programming at home again from 7.15pm to 2am. I finally finished one of the projects I was working on. So there won't be any before-work and after-work shifts in the next weeks. However, our magazine needs quite much attention right now, editorial deadline is next week, and I'm the guy who's responsible for selling all the ads, but that's supposed to be a hobby, it is fun. I need to repeat that sentence some more times in my head, maybe I will finally believe it.

So, today was the first day where I didn't write code until my eyes are closing inevitably. Actually it was a very nice evening. I was invited for a BBQ at Julia and Rick's house. It was a very pleasant evening, and I had a lot of fun. (They're both reading my blog regularly, so I have to write that. Just kidding! I really enjoyed the evening very much.) We played some fun games and laughed a lot. I probably had a little bit too much booze at the beginning, but I had too much ice cream for dessert, so that should make up for the booze.

The way home was quite funny as well. They live in a small suburbian village near Stuttgart. There are only very few busses at night, like three in an hour, but I managed to take a wrong one. So I've boldly gone where no man had ever gone before, at least it seemed like that. But I arrived home safely, the natives didn't tie me up on a stake and set it on fire. Our football team won the national championship today, which came in quite handy for me, so people were celebrating on the streets everywere, the entire city was blocked, and more trains were running at night.

Ok, so you're probably asking what this has to do with the title of the post. Well, we played Cranium, and it was quite funny, because, you know, the language questions are supposed to be difficult for native speakers, they're almost impossible for Germans. So, in my team there was a Puerto Rican, another German and me, the other team were three Americans. Of course we got all the language questions, and they had to build dicks out of clay, or draw a clown. We got things like "Spell floccipaucinihilipilification backwards without writing it down", or "fill in the blanks: F __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ S __ __ __ __ __ __ __ A". It was fun anyway, and I actually managed some of the spelling questions. I'm so proud, I'm gonna wear a tie to sleep tonight.


Well done on your football team winning the German championships. I bet there were a lot of excited people around.

It sounds like you have been working lots lately. I hope you are finding more time to relax.

Have a great week
Kev in NZ

Recht lieber Rian!
Nein, das ist nicht mein Gespenst, sondern ich selbst. Mein Computer war eigentlich eine ziemlich lange Zeit kaputt, ich wollte kein neues kaufen, so habe ich warten müssen, bis ein Freund von mir es doch endlich hat reparieren können...
Trotz all der Arbeit, die dich jetzt in Anspruch nimmt, hoffe ich, dass es dir richtig prima geht, und wünsche dir das allerbeste.
Hoffentlich höre ich bald wieder von dir! (Ein deutscher Text über Lissabon wartet auf dich bei mir...)
Liebe Grüsse! :-)

Dicks with clay? Things that make you go: "hmmmmmmmm....."


Glad you're getting a break. It sounds like you need it.

We are glad you had fun, we all had a great time, too. And like I said, I'm sure there will be more opportunities. Summer hasn't even really started yet. ;-)