What is Stuttgart?

I could answer, that it's the capital of the German state Baden-Württemberg, or that it is a city with many baroque castles. I could answer that it's the hometown of philosophers like Hegel. Or the city where most inventions are registered, the city where the car was invented and Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch are founded and still headquartered. I could mention the many mineral wells.
I could say it's the city that had two (almost) openly gay Kings, or the city that had the first TV tower in the world. I could say it's the only big city that has a cog railway and could mention its cable car. I could talk about architectural unique and very famous neighbourhoods. I could speak about the many famous museums, the biggest three-divisions-theater (play, ballet and opera) in the world, the big green parks in the city, the wineyards and everything else that makes this town so lovely. Or I could just say: Watch this ...


Do you work for a travel agent? ;)

Beautiful video. Stuttgart was already on my "places to see" list. Even more so now.

@Doug, unfortunately I don't get paid by anybody for this. But after many years that I wanted to move abroad, I'm more and more falling in love for my city.

I'm sure there are way more exciting places in this world, but it's not a pity to live here.