Talking to Nina

Sorry for not posting much lately, but I was very busy. Ok, here is the story about our talk to the absolutely fabulous Nina Hagen.

My radio partner Thomas and I got press tickets for the concert like many other press guys. My room mate bought a ticket and joined us, because we love her Music. That Friday Nina Hagen was in the news for insulting Dieter Bohlen for him being mean to other people on TV, so many reporter wanted an interview with her. But we were the only ones that asked her management 4 weeks ago, so we were the only ones who were allowed to talk to Nina after the show. When the show was over we called her Manager on the cell and he gave us backstage tickets and brought us to the catering were we waited for Nina.

Then--it was an open air concert--he guided us to some benches outside and we sat down. About 10 Seconds later Nina stood next to us and shook our hands. Her Manager brought each of us a glass of champagne and we started to talk. I was very nervous because I saw her couple times on TV where she was ... let's say ... not easy. So I even was a little bit afraid of her. But she was very, very nice; she had a very kind smile and it was amazing.

After about 5 Minutes it started to rain. She said, "well, usually no reporter is allowed to go in my room, but you gay guys appreciate it, so let's go in." She even petted my back. She pointed to a leather couch and made us sit down. Then it became even nicer. We had a very nice and long talk together. She is such an amazing woman. She fights for peace and equality. She does so many things for poor and discriminated people. It's really amazing.

Her manager came in to remind her that they have to leave for Berlin, so we ended our interview, but Nina was very nice and kept talking to us. It felt like she also enjoyed our talk. So we stayed longer and longer ... and had an amazing time. When we left, she hugged each of us and kissed our cheeks. And I'm truly a new fan.