There is a God!

This morning there was this silence in the office. If you read my last post you know what I mean. It was just silent and everybody was doing his/her work. You know the innocent silence of an office, right?

Suddenly there was a loud BANG that disturbed the silence. Everybody froze, we watched at each other with a what-the-fuck??? look. It soon turned out that a co-worker threw a chair at a filing cabinet. Guess who did that. Yes, right! The guy from the last post. He's back! They've re-moved him back to our office. Yeah! He's just 3 desks next to his old location. I wonder if someone at the other office complained about him?

To make up for the three days we were missing him, he provided some real goodies today. For example the performance of his masterpiece "The Flying Chair".

Or, what our secretary told us during lunch, he came to her with a huge list of office items he needed. A list like that: 5 pads, 17 pens, 2 stapler, 3 puncher, and so on, you get the idea. The secretary asked him what he needed them for. He responded, "I didn't get a pay raise this year, so this is a payment in kind."

Of course she didn't hand over the requested objects, but we laughed so hard in our lunch break that I actually got sore muscles in my tummy.

Well, the girl who called the secretary and asked her where she can make reservations for a (virtual) team room in a collaboration tool, and if there's a video projector and a network port in this room, did the rest.

We're still working on a plan to get her call him. That should be fun.


OMG, how can that guy stay employed?

Or the lady? It does sound like things are more interesting though in her little world.

I guess you have a lot of fun in the office again! Laughing is good! I could totally understand that you missed the crazy guy. Have fun. I guess we are all very much looking forward to new funny posts about the Crazy guy!

Man, your office sounds like it has interesting dynamics. How did you survive?

Can i ask you a question Rian? How comes you write so good English? I assume you are German. I learnt German but my German will be nowhere near as good as your English. Im impressed.

Have a great week.
Kev in NZ

@Doug: I'm asking the same questions myself. They're probably very good in what they're doing when they're not at the phone.
Or probably its because hire and fire doesn't really work in Germany, we have stricter laws.

@Cori: He was on vacation last week. But I'll keep you posted. :-)

@Kevin: Thanks, that's very sweet of you. I am German indeed. But I wish I wasn't.