They took my Entertainment Unit

There was this guy in my office. I neither know his name, nor which team he belongs to. But he's been on the phone almost all the time, I guess he was some 2nd level support, he had a deep and loud noise voice. He's somehow choleric, and I was going did-he-relly-just-say-this quite often. Although his place was many cubicals away, I heard him all day long. He's regularly been the reason of many smiles among my co-workers. It just never got boring with him at the other end of the open-plan office.

Thursday and Friday last week were the best days ever. It was his derniére. They've been moving him and his team to another place. When the movers came, he gave all he could, and there were some loud fights. I'm still pitying the girl that coordinated the moving. Well, she did a good job and showed balls. But I guess it wasn't her easiest week at work. But we had the best show.

Friday afternoon was very weird. It was quiet in the office. Nobody was yelling, nobody was insulting callers on the phone. He was gone. Work will never be the same again ...


Funny how people like that feel entitled to do whatever they want in an open-plan office.

I wonder why he was moved? Did someone complain?

I have no idea if there were complaints about him. I don't think so. They're rearranging some things there. Today the guy behind me moved down a floor. I guess they're just changing the office layout.

They've also said that we will move to another building this fall.