Twittering? Tweeting? Whatever ...

I've been thinking about Twitter a lot lately. Particularly because there is all that fuss about it. I was talking with my co-workers often about the phenomenon of Twitter. They didn't get it either. I mean, it's not a very sophisticated web application, it seems to be very trivial, and I just started to understand its actual purpose today, however, it's very popular. And suddenly everybody seems to be twittering, even my friends, and I didn't want to be left behind.

So I dove into the unknown waters of Twitter, or, should I rather say, I swung up to the branches to tweet the things nobody cares about?!

Bottom line, @rian76 is twittering. Or is it called tweeting? Microblogging??? Hell, just follow me!


I'm not twittering[ yet], but if I ever start, I'll definitely follow you.

BTW, if you ever start twittering, I'll definitely follow you as well. :)