Two Things I've learned this weekend

  1. When riding a convertible, you should wear a hat and a lot of sunscreen.
  2. When the driver offers you sunscreen and/or a hat, take it.


Hey Rian,

the most important lesson of all is:

If you have the money to buy a convertible - do so! ;)


If anybody asks you to go for a NOGGER, do not hesitate and say loudly and clear YES I WILL :))

I'm not sure if my American readers know what a "Nogger" is. So I just want to add the explanation:
Nogger is the brand name of a very delicious ice cream (like a Popsicle), and Cori and I used to eat lots of them in high school.

what a great way 2 get a tan!

Ouch! sounds painful! I learned the hard way! My ears got sunburnt a couple of years ago and have been careful since, making sure I apply suncream there too! GB