Way-back Singing--or: Yet another post about weird costumes

Did I ever write about the time when I was singing medieval songs with some friends? We started rehearsing for an annual celebration at the iron ore mine where I was working in my free time, and we just wanted to sing two or three ancient miner songs. And yes, we were wearing our traditional miner's garb like everybody from the mine does on celebrations. The first picture is taken from the local newspaper. It shows us in the ancient St. Georg's Chapel. I'm the one who's wearing the long trousers. I was still in highschool back then.

The audience liked it, so we started to rehearse regularly and sing other medieval songs as well. We were singing on many celebrations in our club after that, and we became quite popular. We were invited to official celebrations like 800-year anniversary celebrations of ancient cities (as top-act. Ok, you're not believing me, but it's true), and we were even singing in France and Italy. The next picture was in 1995 were we sang in front of some thousand people in Heilbronn (me is the one on the left).

If you were wondering how the traditional garbs look in color, here's another picture. This is an old shot of the entire miners club in front of the entrance to the ancient Frischglück iron ore mine.

And here's another picture of the ancient St. Georg's Chapel in my hometown. The chapel is near the castle and was build before 1290. It has precious frescos from about 1320 to 1340.


I love the feathers! It looks like fun. You are so multi talented. My friend Barb is heading to Bremen for two weeks! (She has relatives there.) She promises to bring me a German trinket. Have a great week!

So many traditions honoring the memory of the past. Where I live there isn't much of that, and I miss it sometimes.

Doug is right: you are multi-talented!

Also, I hadn't read your original post about working in the iron mine. I love your coming out moments, especially: "Every girl should have a gay best friend." That's priceless. A very touching entry.