It's spring

Ribbons, blue, from Springtime’s hand
flutter now through Zephyr’s regence;
sweet and well remembered fragrance
ominously sweeps the land.

Violets dream-bound
prone to shy appearing.
- Hark, from far a gentle harping sound!
Springtime, yes, it’s you
that I have been hearing!
-- Eduard Mörike, rhyming translations into English by Bertram Kottmann

This is a very beautiful German poem by Eduard Mörike who lived in my area from 1804 to 1875. Every year in spring I think I can feel what he has felt many years before.

I love spring. It's just great to see all the trees and flowers waking up. The first two pictures are taken in Stuttgart in a park. Unfortunately it was late in the evening and they look a little bit cold and dark, but it was a lovely day.
This picture shows apple blossoms in my Dad's garden in 2005.


Finally! I'm sick of bad weather and snow. I want some sun! Lets move Germany further south - summer all year. That would be great!

Yeah, right. I'm sick of winter and snow as well. But since I won't be able to move Germany, I suppose it's me who has to relocate.

If that would be so easy. It's the job that keeps me here in Stuttgart. You know - as a natural born Badener I will take the first chance to escape this swabian metropolis! My choice would probably be Australia but some island in the Caribbean would be perfect too. :o)

I promise, as soon as I'm the king of my own queer island, you're hired as Chief of the Heterosexual Department.
Don't quit your day job yet. :o)

Hahaha - sounds good to me ;o)